Compensation for Returned and/or Damaged Goods
If you are concerned about what to do in case of damaged or lost packages, we've got you covered!
At C & Y Global, we offer you all-around insurance and protection, so you can have peace of mind and a worry-free logistics experience!
Please Note: It is essential to declare your goods accurately. Any failure to do so may result in undelivered packages, fines, and penalties, all of which will be borne by the sender!
A、Merchandise Insurance
1. General Insurance
    At C & Y, every package you ship with us will receive complimentary general insurance which covers up to $200.
2. Lost Insurance
(1)Your goods are insured against loss, up to a maximum of $200 per shipment.
(2)The amount of compensation will be based on the declared value and the purchase receipt of the goods, taking the lower value into account (excluding sales tax and shipping charges).
(3)We cannot accept any claims for damaged or lost goods if the package is not inspected in the presence of the carrier before signing for delivery. It is essential to inspect the package before signing for it, as we cannot determine the responsible party for any damages or losses after the package has been signed for.
3. Insurance Coverage Limit
(1) the insurance coverage limit is 3% of the actual purchase value of the goods
(2)There is a limit to the insurance coverage amount, and the maximum insured amount cannot exceed $300. Please contact customer service for information on luxury goods insurance purchases.
(3)Goods not eligible for insurance coverage
Fragile items: goods packaged in glass bottles, liquids, perishable items, works of art that involve technology, taste, or creative talent and are created or developed for sale, display, or collection, including but not limited to paintings, drawings, vases, embroidery, limited edition prints, artworks, portraits, sculptures, collectible and appraisal items, photographic negatives, photographic plates, photographic slides, CDs, tapes, and other fragile goods or goods with market prices that are particularly susceptible to change or difficult to determine (as well as their components). Antiques include any goods that display ancient styles, whose historical, age, or rarity makes them valuable, including but not limited to furniture, tableware, glassware, and collectibles such as coins, stamps, sports cards, gifts, and souvenirs. Glassware, including but not limited to, signs, mirrors, ceramics, pottery, porcelain, crystal, glass, framed glass, and other fragile items. Jewelry, including but not limited to, watches and their parts, cut or uncut precious and inferior jewelry or gemstones, synthetic diamonds, and artificial jewelry. Precious metals, including but not limited to, gold, silver ingots, powders, precipitates, or platinum (excluding electronic and mechanical components). Fur products, including but not limited to, fur clothing, fur decoration clothing, and fur coats.
B: Package Lost
(1)If the package is lost before being delivered to our warehouse, C&Y will not be responsible and you should contact the carrier yourself. If the tracking information shows that the package has been signed for, but you have not received it, please contact the logistics company to provide a C&Y receipt. Otherwise, we will not be able to process any claims. If you need C&Y US employees to make calls to retrieve the package, a service fee of ¥50 per order will be charged, and the fee will not be refunded regardless of whether the package is successfully retrieved or not.
(2)During the free storage period, if the goods are lost in the warehouse, the compensation amount will be based on the lower value between your declared price and the shopping receipt price, including shipping costs.
(3) If there is any logistics delay or loss, please contact us within five days. If the tracking shows that the package has been signed but not received, please contact us within 24 hours of the signing date. If there is any missing item, please contact us within 24 hours of the signing date and provide pictures of the damaged or opened outer packaging.
Overdue requests will no longer be accepted. Our company will actively cooperate.
(4)If the overseas shopping website fails to send the package and the customer has not chosen to pay for the paid counting service, C&Y will not be held responsible.
(5)The following fees, including insurance, shipping, prepaid tariffs, service fees, and other related fees, are non-refundable.
C: Package Damaged
(1)When the package is found to be damaged upon receipt at the warehouse, C&Y does not assume any responsibility and asks you to contact the carrier for compensation.
(2)Please inspect the goods upon receipt of the package and confirm that they are correct before signing for them. If there is any damage or shortage, please contact us within 24 hours of the receipt date and provide pictures of the damaged outer packaging and internal items. Please also make a note of the damage on the delivery receipt and take photos.
When receiving a package, please inspect the goods carefully before signing to confirm that there are no damages or shortages. If there are any damages or shortages, please contact us within 24 hours of the delivery date and provide pictures of the damaged outer packaging and inner contents. Please also make a note of the damages on the delivery receipt and take a photo of it, or prepare a list of the contents and have the delivery person sign it, and then contact C&Y customer service. Once the package is signed for normally, without a complete video of the unpacking and inspection process (starting with an unopened box), the transportation process will be considered complete and no claims for subsequent product damage or lost items will be accepted.
(3)For special items such as liquid, powder, canned items that are fragile and susceptible to damage, and fragile items such as glass containers (such as cups, glass kettles), products packaged in glass containers (such as medicine, cosmetics, etc.), glasses, various windshields and mirrors, hot water bottles, thermos (inner lining is glass), lamps, glass tables, coffee pots, etc., as well as items that are susceptible to change such as lipsticks and chocolates, in the event of breakage, liquid leakage, or an explosion during transportation regardless of reinforcement, no claim for compensation will be accepted, regardless of whether the item is insured or not. (Note: reinforcement only reduces the chance of damage, and we do not guarantee anything.)
D: Weight difference compensation
When weighing and checking each package before leaving the warehouse, C&Y conducts two rounds of weighing. If there is any suspicion of error, please contact the customer promptly to confirm the package and order information.
Customers are required to take a complete and dynamic weighing and checking video (not just partial photos, the package being tilted, or weighing after opening the box) before the box is opened. Failure to do so may result in C&Y not accepting any claims. Any fraudulent behavior will result in a warning for the first offense and account suspension for more than three offenses.
About the weighing process and details after receiving the goods:
The video content must be continuously recorded for the following steps and details.
(1)Weight any common household products such as mineral water and milk that indicate weight without packaging.
(2)Please show the package from all angles to ensure there is no damage or signs of being opened (except for customs inspection, please indicate).
(3)Please show the information on the C&Y label clearly.
(4)Weight your package and show the weight clearly. 1KG=2.2046Lbs
(5)Carefully count the number of goods when opening the package.
(6)Please ensure that the electronic scale is accurate to two decimal places. Small errors up to 0.3 pounds are allowed by default by C&Y.
(7)Please send your video direct to C&Y customer service, if the weight is indeed incorrect, we will fully refund the corresponding freight.
F: Type of claims that are not accepted
(1) If the outer package is damaged or the internal contents are damaged, and the customer has signed for it without inspecting the package on the spot, and has not contacted C&Y customer service within 24 hours with no signature confirmation from the courier, any subsequent complaints to the company will not be accepted.
(2) Starting from the date confirmed by the courier, claims regarding damages will not be accepted if reported after 24 hours, even with proof of damage.
(3) For cases of lost items, the starting point will be the date of domestic courier pick-up, and any claims made after ten days will not be accepted.
(4)①Fragile items: glass products, ceramic products, plastic products, as well as powder cosmetics such as glass-packaged health products, milk powder, eyeshadow, blush, etc.
         ②Shortage or damage of internal items caused by no damage on the outer box.
         ③Products that are prone to leakage (such as honey, hair care products, lotions, etc.
         ④ Products that are damaged or flawed;
         ⑤ Products that have properties that are prone to melting or dissolving, such as chocolates, lipsticks, health supplements, etc.
(5)Claims will not be accepted for products whose outer packaging is damaged due to customs inspection, as long as the product itself is still usable.
G: Exemption Clause
We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, delayed delivery, misdelivery, non-delivery or incorrect information provided due to the following reasons:
1. No claims will be accepted for parcels that have been signed for as received in good condition (whether it is by family members, security personnel, colleagues, friends, or other third parties) after delivery.
2. Delay and abnormal situations caused by customs clearance procedures or temporary changes in customs policies.
3. Due to providing incorrect or incomplete recipient information, resulting in duplicate delivery costs and delays.
4. Due to transportation delay caused by flight delay, cancellation, or suspension.
5. Due to weather conditions that cause goods to melt, freeze, or have other related consequences.
6. C&Y is only responsible for the loss of goods during international transportation and has no obligation to check or verify the goods for free. If there is a discrepancy found during the photo inspection of the label that the shopping website has sent the wrong or missing items, we will cooperate with the customer to provide evidence to the website or law enforcement agencies.
7. For the loss or damage of goods caused by the website or sender's under-delivery, misdelivery, or the shipper's failure to provide the correct customer code.
8. Due to the incorrect address of the warehouse provided, the package was unable to be delivered to the warehouse.
9. Other results caused by factors unrelated to C&Y.
The final interpretation of the above belongs to C&Y Global Logistics LLC!