1. Items prohibited by national laws and regulations from circulation or mailing.
2. Reactionary newspapers, books, pornographic materials, and other obscene items.
3. Various currencies and commemorative coins.
4. Items that may harm public health.
5. Perishable items.
6. Items that are not properly packaged and may endanger personal safety, pollute or damage other mail equipment.
7. Items that may harm postal service personnel, or contaminate mail or postal equipment due to their nature or packaging.
8. Firearms of all kinds, ammunition, explosives, flammable and corrosive substances, radioactive elements and containers, highly toxic poisons, narcotic drugs, biological products, and infectious substances.
9. Meat products, such as beef jerky, pork floss, meat paste, etc. contain meat ingredients.
10. Antiques, handicrafts, and other items with uncertain value.
11. Cement powder, bulk goods, auto parts, seeds, ivory, wood, knives (except Swiss Army knives), military instruments, cream, cheese, pirated game CDs, pirated movie CDs, tobacco products, industrial samples, and medical devices.
12 In addition to the above general provisions, items that are not suitable for mailing by the relevant regulations of the customs department must also be complied with.
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