Oversea Online Shopping Service


Looking to purchase products from overseas but facing challenges with shipping and delivery? Look no further than C&Y Global! Our comprehensive services make overseas shopping a breeze.

With warehouses and sorting centers located in both the United States and China, we can assist you in shipping your purchases directly to your location. We even offer additional services such as duty estimation and product insurance for added peace of mind.

Our U.S.-China/U.S.-China Overseas Online Shopping services provide a convenient solution for buyers looking to purchase from Chinese/U.S. merchants. Our forwarding warehouses in the U.S. and China allow buyers to easily place orders and have them shipped to their selected warehouse. Once the goods arrive, buyers can view and manage their shipments directly in our system.

Don't let shipping challenges hold you back from purchasing the products you love. Trust C&Y Global to provide a hassle-free shopping experience.

How we do it

1. After placing an order online, you will receive a forwarding and sorting warehouse address provided by our logistics company upon registration completion. Customers are required to ship their goods to this designated address for further processing.

2. Receiving and Sorting: Our team will conduct the receiving and sorting process upon receipt of the customer's goods at the forwarding and sorting warehouse. The goods will be categorized and updated in the warehouse system for further processing.

3. Packaging and Transportation: We will package your goods according to your specifications and transport them to your designated address using the shipping method of your choice.

4. Customs Clearance: Upon the arrival of your goods at the destination, our logistics company will handle customs declaration and clearance procedures accurately and promptly on your behalf.

5. Local Delivery: Once your package has cleared customs, our partnered local logistics carrier will deliver your goods to the designated address.