Our Services

Warehouse Storage

Receiving, Inspection, Inbound, Outbound, Inventory Management, Inventory Reconciliation, and more. With your business and your trust in us, we will help your logistics and delivery needs to local consumers and your storage needs, with ease!

Order Processing

Order Receiving, Packaging, Marking, Label, etc. To make order processing fully automatic, you could use our ERP for all your order management. Or patch all your order information via API to our system.

Packaging and Distribution

We partner with all major Logistic companies to offer you One-Stop logistics and distribution services. We offer packaging and distribution services. And we can help you lower your shipping rates and increase your shipping efficiencies by choosing the best shipping methods and carriers based on your distribution method and destinations.

Returned Package Processing

We provide package return and exchange processing services to match your after-sale service. Services include but are not limited to Package Inspection, Repackage, and Returned package disposal.


You will only need to send your products to our warehouse. We will handle the order; pack and ship on your behalf. Realizing One-stop logistic and distribution service from Domestic to Oversea. No more hard work is needed on your end!

Value-added services and technical support

Besides basic warehouse storage and logistic services, we also offer value-added services like product inspection, packing, marking, return and exchange, data analysis, inventory reconciliation, tech support, and more! We can help you with superior technical solutions and help you resolve any problems from cross-border e-commerce and international trade.

Our Mission

  • Improve the efficiency of supply delivery

    The overseas warehouse service is equivalent to establishing a warehouse in the sales localities to speed up the delivery of products, reduce transportation costs, and improve the efficiency of product delivery and the competitiveness of the brand.

  • Reduce logistics links and logistics costs

    Centralized logistics preparation can help enterprises reduce logistics links and logistics costs in transportation and avoid delays and costs associated with order transit, transshipment, and customs clearance.

  • Better meet customer needs

    The overseas warehouse can establish fast response and localized logistics service teams in the US to provide better and more timely after-sales service and satisfy the needs of local customers more conveniently.

  • Improve the brand awareness and image of your company

    We can provide more professional and reputable logistics services for your company and improve your brand awareness and image.

Business Model

Storage Reservation

Book a storage reservation with our company so that we can have the best storage plan arranged for you. All we need is just your product category, quantity, etc.

Receiving and Storage

After your goods arrived at our site, our operators will carry out preliminary inspection and storage according to the actual situation to ensure that the goods are stored safely.

Order Processing

We will process orders accordingly and timely, including but not limited to picking, packing, marking, and labeling.

Package distribution

Distribute all packed orders with the most suitable carrier and distribution method.

Return and Exchange

In case of package return and/or exchange, we will assist with return and exchange processing, including package inspection and repackage, etc.

Our Advantages

Cost Optimization

Centralized logistics preparation can help enterprises reduce logistics links and logistics costs in transportation.

Improved timeliness

Automated processing and real-time monitoring to improve order processing efficiency and accuracy for faster order processing

Quick Response

Establishing an efficient transportation network to ensure fast, accurate, and reliable returns processing.

Secure Transportation

Establish close cooperation with local carriers, strengthen communication and coordination, and reduce transportation risks

Local Services

We comply with local policies and regulations, have a decent understanding of local language and culture, etc. to reduce your management difficulties and help your companies solve problems efficiently