Register An Account

2、Log in and Ship

Accurately fill in the package information and recipient information, and download/print the system-generated shipping label.

3、Get your package to Warehouse/Store

Please stick the generated shipping label onto the package and send it to (or drop it off at) the warehouse/store.

4、Warehouse/Store Receive Package

After receiving the package, the store/warehouse will scan it and weigh it for billing.


Consolidate the packages and conduct a preliminary check to ensure compliance with requirements.

6、Book a flight

Transport the packaged parcels to the airport and send them to the destination port via the scheduled flight.

7、Custom Declaration

Deliver the package in batches to customs for clearance.


After the customs inspection is completed, notification will be given for release.

9、Delivery to the local carrier for distribution

Deliver to the local cooperating carrier such as SF Express, FedEx, etc. for final delivery.

10、Customer signature

Please check the completeness and contents of the package in person before signing for it.