Business Model

Package Pre-quote

Package sender will need to provide truthful parcel information, such as parcel quantity, weight, size, value, etc., before using our oversea parcel service.

Package consolidation

We centralize the parcels from different senders to our warehouse for unified processing; classifying and packing them according to the destination, transportation method, type of goods, and recipient.

Customs declaration and clearance

We will have packages unified customs declaration and clearance procedures to ensure that the parcels comply with national customs regulations.

International Shipping

Airship packages in bulk via commercial airlines or air cargo carriers to the designated port of entry in the destination country for speedy and efficient delivery.

last-mile delivery

Hand over the packages to a cooperating courier company in the destination country for last-mile delivery, ensuring that the packages can reach consumers on time.

Service Features

  • Cost advantage

    By centralizing processing and packaging, the international logistics process can be optimized, reducing logistics costs and providing consumers with more affordable logistics services.

  • Flexibility

    Different logistics solutions can be provided based on consumers' needs, such as different transportation timeframes, channels, etc., to meet the actual needs of different consumers.

  • Security

    During the customs declaration and clearance process, strict inspections and audits will be conducted to ensure that packages comply with customs regulations, and to avoid package delays or returns due to customs issues. At the same time, cross-border logistics companies will also purchase appropriate insurance for packages to ensure that losses during transportation are maximally protected.

  • Traceability

    C & Y Global provides you with end-to-end tracking and tracing services. Consumers can check the status of their packages in real-time on our official website or mobile app of the cross-border logistics company, understand the location of the packages and the progress of transportation, and improve the transparency of logistics information.

  • One-stop Service

    In response to customs requirements, we provide a one-stop service for packages, ensuring that the packages are transported intact throughout the entire process.

Service Concept

Customer Focused

We are committed to putting customers at the center and meeting their personalized logistics needs, providing professional, efficient, safe, and high-quality logistics services.

Specialized Services

With rich logistics experience and professional logistics knowledge, we are able to provide customers with high-quality logistics solutions.

Safety and security

We place great emphasis on safety management and provide multiple guarantees for customers' goods, including a sound insurance system, customs declaration and clearance, multi-level security measures, and more.


Through information technology, we achieve real-time tracking and transparency of logistics information, providing customers with end-to-end controllable logistics services.

Sustainable Development

We pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development and contribute to achieving green logistics by optimizing logistics processes, reducing packaging materials and transportation costs, and implementing other measures. LET'S GO GREEN!

Our Advantages

Professionalism comes from focus, and responsibility comes from dedication.

Complete logistics network

With a complete logistics network covering multiple regions, we collaborate with numerous logistics enterprises and airlines to provide customers with various logistics solutions to meet different transportation needs. We also have warehouses and logistics facilities to ensure the efficiency and safety of cargo storage, management, and distribution.

Discounted Price

Offering affordable logistics prices while guaranteeing service quality. With years of logistics experience and industry resources, we are able to negotiate better rates with airlines and pass on those savings to our customers. We also offer a variety of shipping options, allowing customers to choose the transportation method that best fits their needs and budget.

Professional Team

We have a professional team with rich logistics experience and knowledge. Our logistics specialists can develop the best logistics plan according to the needs of our customers and provide relevant consultation and advice. Our operations team is proficient in logistics processes and can handle logistics issues quickly and efficiently. We also have a friendly and patient customer service team that provides high-quality customer service to our clients.

Safety and security

We prioritize cargo safety and provide comprehensive security measures. We use high-quality packaging materials to effectively protect the cargo. We also conduct rigorous quality inspections and tracking of the cargo to ensure its integrity and safety. During transportation, we offer cargo insurance services to provide our customers with more comprehensive protection.